7 Terrific Reasons to Start Work Quilting Immediately!

​7 Terrific Reasons to Start Work Quilting Immediately!

1. You’re wasting your potential.

There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of your life with regrets.

You don't want to get there and think about what you should have done; what you could have done or what you could have been.

You are Awesome!

Yes, you are.

The fact that you’re on this earth means that you are here to add value to this world.

So what is your potential? How are you using it? What will you do today to discover it?

2. You want self-generating income.

There is no such thing as passive income.

It’s a lie.

You can’t take a $97 course and make millions tomorrow.

You have to invest something. That something is in time, money, or effort--and usually all three.

The exciting thing is that when you love your work, you want to invest in it.

Work should be fun. Work can be fun. 

When you are doing what you're meant to do, work is no longer a chore.

You wake up excited to see where it will take you.

It may make you millions but if you aren't happy, this work achieves nothing.

The only reason to gain money is so you can enjoy the life you desire. For some people that may be a small amount. Others may seek more. There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to money or lifestyle. 

Your focus should not be so much on making money but having enough to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

According to the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, $50,000 is where people are happiest. Princeton did its own study in 2010 and concluded that $75,000 was the tipping point.  Although CNBC, came in with the magical figure of $160,000. 

Nobel Prize winner, Angus Deaton, in a Wall Street Journal article, states that  research concludes that a "happiness plateau" occurs for any salary about $75,000.  

He notes the difference between every-day contentment and that of life assessment-considering where you are in life. 

A person may be feel more content with their life in general but daily happiness does not raise more than a few points after reaching that salary. 

 In other words, simply gaining a larger bank account doesn't equate to happiness. A particular number is subjective to you and your circumstances. 

Of course, there are caveats. Your living expenses will be much more in New York city than in Synder, Texas.  The amount of family you help support, the debt you incur, all of these impact your salary needs.

More money doesn’t equate to more satisfaction.

What equates to happiness?


The more freedom you have to do what you want will equate to more satisfaction with your life.

This is why your focus is to create multiple income streams with constant springs to keep money flowing. Thus, you can pull out of one stream and invest in another interest.

3. You have more than one interest.

No one ever said “I want to be a franchise owner” or “I want to spend 10 hours in a cubicle” as a child.


She said “I want to be a dancer, a firefighter, a mommy, an artist …”

Then the little girl grew up.

Her paradigm became shaped by parents and peers, the public and her own perception.

Her dreams were explained away as childish dreams.

Your dreams aren’t childish.

They’re an indicator of who you are truly meant to be!  

You can be--wait—you ARE more than one thing.

So why not make your dreams into income streams that support you?

You can be what you want!

If you decide you want to be a franchise owner or work in a cubicle you can do that too. You can live your live or you can allow others to dictate how you live your life. You want to be more than one thing--then go for it. 

Refuse to pick one!

4. You know streams can run dry.

Have you ever faced a layoff or been fired?

Have you ever decided to “start over” in a new career?

The older you get, the more you may find this occurring. This is partly to varying reasons. One, due to misconceptions on the parts of employers. Or secondly, because you're tired of putting up with stupid corporate crap. 

Work is changing as never before in history.

Working for the same employer is slowly (or quickly, depending on how you look at it) going away.

“Ism’s” may work against you.

Thus, make climbing the corporate ladder seem more like the game of Chutes and Ladders. Just as you think you're making headway, life sends you crashing back down to start over. 

Yet you won’t have to worry if you have multiple, diverse income streams. One doesn't work out, you just move on to another. 

As one stream dries up, another one may be flowing. I’ve found this to be true in my own “work quilt.”

As I began to notice the ebb and flow of work, I realized the need for extra streams of income.

Bur what should I do?  It's simple.

I went back to what I love.

Now some might call what I do teaching, but I know what it really is—it’s telling people what to do.

I’ve been doing it pretty much my entire life.

I love seeing people succeed and if I can help them move forward, I get a kick out of playing a small part in that.

If you travel back in your mind to when you were a child, you’ll discover who you were meant to be all along.

What were you drawn to?

What continues to creep back into your mind or life today?

What income stream could you explore today?

5. You can work from anywhere.

I love travel.

Let me repeat that.

I L-O-V-E travel.

I don’t know why travel holds such pull over me but it does.

It has changed my mindset about other people and cultures many times.

 I have many interests. I love art and architecture, history, gardens, food, the list goes on.

Travel allows me to fulfill many of my interests.

I know many individuals who will often say, “I want to travel” which is followed by a big “but.”

It’s either money or work or some reason why they are putting their dreams on hold.

Work shouldn’t be the reason you can’t live the life you desire.

If it is, then it’s the wrong work for you.

Many companies are finally recognizing the need for life and work balance.

Telecommuting opportunities grow as companies try to gain and keep quality employees.

Yet, roaming income is what you want.

Choose to work when you want at what you want.

Develop income streams that follow you wherever you go. The concept of working from anywhere is gaining steam, especially with younger and conversely, older generations.  Why? Because each of these demographics tend to have the most freedom from responsibilities. 

Imagine for a moment. 

What if you work hard for a short time but  money keeps going into your account long after the work is completed?

What if you can go anywhere or even live anywhere?

What if you woke up tomorrow and your dreams had become reality?

You can enjoy more time with your family and friends.  Time to spend with those you love is the number one area that creates happiness.

You have more time for things of interest and hobbies.​ Wouldn't it be nice to finally delve into painting or carpentry? Or spending a month learning to cook in France? 

The sharing economy flung open the door with house sitting/pet sitting opportunities.

People are traveling the world through help exchange and working on organic farms.

Want to make money while traveling?

You could:

  • Teach English overseas
  • Develop an online course
  • Write or edit
  • Use your photography skills
  • Run a villa’s bed and breakfast
  • Work seasonally and save for travel.

Have you ever thought of working from somewhere else?

Where is it?

What’s stopping you?

6. Outsource what you don’t want to do.

Afraid you can't start because they're so much to do? 

Outsource it!​

Okay, so I knew about outsourcing, but I wasn’t taking full advantage of it.

Then I read Tim Ferris’ book, The Four Hour Workweek.

I’ve still yet to work only four hours a week but I did take away the importance of outsourcing.

Yes, you can learn how to [input skill here] but is that the best use of your time?

If something takes you hours or days that someone else could do in 10 minutes, pay the money and move on.

I’ve outsourced graphic design, data entry, editing, marketing, and IT services to name a few. This left me more time to pursue what I wanted. 

In doing so I received a quality product for a fair price. Then I spent my time working on one of my income streams.  

You don’t have to limit your outsourcing to your income streams. Would hiring a housekeeper or gardener free up your time? Could you send your laundry out or have someone run errands for you?

Want to see a significant impact on your bottom line? You would be best served by hiring a financial advisor, accountant, or professional coach.

Determine the best use of your time and outsource the rest.

7. You’re the boss.

This is the most important reason to start work quilting.

You can choose to take the day off when you want. You choose to work late or leave early. Doesn't that sound nice?

A friend calls and wants to have coffee. No problem. You don't have to ask anyone if you can go join her. 

Yes, all the responsibility of success or failure now rests on your shoulders.

Yet, if it’s work you love, it should rest easy and not be burdensome.

Remember, being an employee is like being a self-employed contractor with only one client. That client can decide to fire you at any moment. [I didn’t come up with this. I read it somewhere and don’t recall the author. If you know, please send me his/her information. I’d love to give appropriate approbation for such a great example of working for someone else.]

Be the Boss of your Destiny.

When you work for others, they decide how much you work and how much you will make. When you’re the boss, you choose how much you work and how much you’ll make. Yes, you have to account for business expenses and investment but you reap the full profit.

So there you have it.

Work Quilting is the best way to increase your happiness and wealth.

It all comes down to seven simple principles. You can use them to turn them into affirmations and the basis of goal-setting. You can pick one to focus on each day.


1. I’m the boss of my own destiny.

2. I can outsource what I don’t want to do.

3. I can work from anywhere so I choose to work from …

4. I know streams can run dry so I have many.

5. I have more than one interest so I explore them all.

6. I want self-generating income so I’m creating multiple, diverse income streams.

7. I’m not wasting my potential—I’m expanding it!

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. Anatole France.

Are you ready to accomplish great things in your life?

Then act now. Turn your dreams into reality.

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