Here's the short version:
Vikki Walton is not a fan of dead grapes, but she is a fan of cozy mysteries. When Vikki’s not murdering people on paper, she enjoys traveling the globe as a house and pet sitter. She also loves helping beginning indie authors achieve their dream to be a self-published author. She also does speaking and teaching on various topics like writing, self-publishing or work-quilting/entrepreneurship to adults.

Here's the longer version:

Hi, I’m Vikki and I’m a best-selling author of cozy mysteries, author of nonfiction self-help, while writing women’s historical fiction (under a pen name). Back over 20 years ago, I decided to start this writing journey. Let me tell you, it wasn’t a straight path! But one thing I’m most happy about was that I knew I would need three things in order to advance: critique partners, encouragement, and support. This was back before you could find almost anything online, so I had to do a lot of searching and learning and trying.

I started a writer's group with a small group of other writers who wanted to learn how to publish.  Along the way, I built my craft, my publishing acumen, but mostly I ended up helping others who joined the group. The first year we attended a writer’s conference, our team took almost every award. I think it was because “iron sharpens iron.” When I moved out of state, others stepped into my shoes and that writers’ group still continues to this day with published authors in its midst along with beginners.

The reason I love helping beginning indie authors? It’s simple. I enjoy helping people succeed as they move forward to achieving what they want in life. I love coaching and training, especially when the lightbulb moment hits, and you know the information has not just been received but that tactics are forming. I also know where my strengths lie. I know I can advise, coach, and help you with particular areas, and I am also cognizant of other times where other professionals would be better suited for your needs. I am happy to give you recommendations for individuals that I know as being experts in specific areas.

Writing Journey: After spending years as a registered interior designer, I began to write. While writing for periodicals, I was sent on assignment interviewing publishers in Colorado Springs. It wasn’t long before the natural beauty of Colorado captured her heart. After moving to Colorado, I worked with nonprofits. However, I soon realized I needed more autonomy in my work--strong INTJ here, just saying.I started my own business as a nonprofit consultant and certified grants specialist. During that time I helped nonprofits across the U.S. to receive millions of dollars for  their missions around the globe. Yet, I realized doing one thing wouldn’t satisfy her for long.

I became a Work Quilter™ combining my many passions to create multiple income streams. From there I continued speaking and teaching adults on myriad and diverse topics through various venues. Two words that continually appear on instructor and speaker feedback forms are "engaging" and "knowledgeable." I wrote my first fiction book, the cozy mystery Chicken Culprit, during NaNoWriMo and then I caught the fiction writing bug. Since then I have written and published 17 books.

Professional Background: Vikki worked with a literary agency as a submissions administrator for traditional publishing, taught creative writing to beginning authors just like you, and trained others in technical (grant proposal and fundraising) writing and development copy—basically a fancy name for sales copy aka your CTA (call to action). She holds a degree in organizational management, which is why strategy and systems are so important to her. Once you get both in place, you can achieve so much more. 

Personal Information: Born in Chicago, Vikki lived outside of Paris for a few years as a small child. That may account for her love of travel. She moved to Wichita with her parents before going on to live most of her life around the San Antonio, Texas area. But the mountains were calling, so she headed to beautiful Colorado. When she can get away, Vikki's an experienced, professional global house and pet sitter which combines her love of animals with time away to focus on writingNot surprisingly, Vikki's favorite genre is mystery. You'll most often find Vikki hiking with her dog, outside gardening, traveling abroad, house or pet sitting, or writing her next book. 

She loves connecting with others and welcomes hearing from you. You can contact her at vikki@vikkiwalton.com. 

Happy Reading!

Author Vikki Walton