Viviane’s Adventures Mystery Series

Hijinks in Ajijic

Viviane Masters is a sassy 60-year-old global house and petsitter who’s ready for adventure and fun. On her first housesit in the expat town of Ajijic, Mexico, she finds herself visiting a local writers group. There she’s introduced to many of the town’s residents, including an attractive man who seems to know all the ladies. Viviane senses something else is going on beneath the quiet in this little retirement town.

If you enjoy travel, animals and a touch of romance with your mystery, you’ll enjoy Viviane’s Adventures.

Short Story Prequel 

Viviane’s Adventures Mystery

Deception in Devon

On her way to a London housesit, Viviane stops off in Devon and finds herself thrust into a house full of secrets. When a young woman is attacked, Viv can’t help but do a little sleuthing. But this time Viviane may be up against someone who will stop at nothing to keep their secret. With help from her friend, Perry, they seek out the offender but Viviane soon discovers the killer is one step ahead of her.


Viviane’s Adventures Mystery

Larceny in London



Viviane’s Adventures Mystery

Grudges in Georgia


Viviane’s Adventures Mystery