Hi y'all!

I'm so happy you're here! I hope you enjoy my Pecan Pie Recipe (that
you will find Christie baking in DEATH TAKES A BREAK. There's nothing
better than the smell of fresh-baked pie, is there?


Vikki Walton

WHO AM I? I am not a fan of dead grapes, but I am a fan
of cozy mysteries. That's why I love plotting and writing cozies. In addition to my Backyard Farming Mystery Series set in fictional Carolan Springs, I love setting my Taylor Texas series in a small town where I lived for a short while. I might live in Colorado now, but a piece of my heart remains in Texas where I lived much of my life.

When I'm not murdering people on paper, I enjoy traveling the globe,
often in conjunction with being a house and pet sitter. I also do
coaching, and teaching on various topics including writing,
self-publishing or work-quilting/entrepreneurship for adults.

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