Note About the Resource List

Hey, before we get started, here’s a big, scary disclosure. Guess what? Some, not all—shoot!—of the links in this resource list are (gasp) affiliate links. What the heck does that even mean?! Well, if you decide that the recommendation sounds super awesome and you buy from them, I get enough money for a nice glass, sometimes even a cheap bottle, of wine (but not enough for the trip to the Italian winery). Although more likely it will go to pay college bills for my daughter—big gulp.  It adds nothing to your cost. Additionally, I have personally used, paid for, and recommend the resources lists. So thanks for looking through the list, checking out the resources I recommend and if one strikes your fancy, buying through my link.

You're the best! Vikki

Recommended Resources 

Website Set-up and Assistance  (You want to self-host so you will need .org versus .com)

WP Engine Hosting Save 20% off the first payment on monthly and annual shared plans.

Thrive Themes  Wordpress Themes and Plug-ins.  Can purchase packages or a la carte. 

Denis Ethier --Thrive Themes Professional Designer  Learn while you incorporate Thrive.

Marketing and Social Media 

​Find Your Tribe Online Book and Course

Grow your social media presence (includes blogger names, facebook groups, pinterest groups, etc.)

Note: When you download the free resources, you will receive additional information to assist you in setting up your work quilt along with links to various resource categories that include product sales, service channels, online tools, course creation, distribution, affiliate sources, social media scheduling, self-publishing, writing, etc. Because one side does not fit all, I've rounded up these resources for you into one printable document. The ones I use and recommend are included but you must determine the best ones for your particular needs and budget.