A Backyard Farming Mystery

 Murder and a blizzard: what more could one ask than to be snowed in with five old college chums, spooky footsteps, and a murderer?

Wow! All these friends who got upset with each other. One lie becomes another's truth. Lies hurt everyone, and what tales these friends told others and the trouble they caused. Murder and mayhem, angst and spite. Good read, holds your interest all the way through. 

In my opinion, this second Backyard Farming Mystery is even better than the first. The characters are intriguing and, as with the first Backyard Farming book, there is a delightful finishing surprise. Enjoy!

Anne is excited for the opening of the Brandywine Inn. Kandi and Hope are her partners in the bed-and-breakfast in Carolan Springs, Colorado, where they also provide homesteading and herbal workshops for guests.

As soon as the guests arrive, it’s plain that the five old college chums have bad blood between them. When Anne finds a threatening note, it’s clear that someone is out for revenge. Then a guest is found dead. At first, the death appears to be natural, but suspicions quickly begin to grow.

When a blizzard threatens the Inn, will it trap them all with a killer and no way out?


A Backyard Farming Mystery

Walton weaves a good balance between the main mystery and side stories. As we see the lives of the three b&b owners move on after the murder in the first book, we learn more about their pasts, their needs, and their friendships. Anne, as the main character, is someone I'd like to meet and know. Hope is a great doctor and has perfect life advice. Kandi, while sometimes bordering on the obnoxious, is intended to be that way. I suspect Walton's planning a nice growth arc for her, which makes seeing the changes all that more valuable. I disliked her in the first books, I'm waffling in this second book, and I can only guess what will happen in the third one. But I will definitely be reading it because Walton's created a fun series with lots of room for expansion, intrigue, and clever action. Take advantage of this series as it's early on so you can stay abreast as each new book is launched. You might also learn some great recipes, techniques, and skills. James (Jay) Cudney Author of Flower Power Trip

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