A Backyard Farming Mystery

Funny, sad, mysterious, heartwarming, just about every emotion you can think of is in this book. It's amazing from the first word to the last.

 You will love it! 

Moving to Colorado seems like a great way to start over. In Carolan Springs, Colorado, Anne plans to spend her days living a simpler life fixing up an old Victorian and planting a large garden where she'll spend her days. 

When her neighbor’s found dead in his compost pile, trouble comes knocking on Anne’s door. All the evidence points to Anne’s other neighbor, Kandi Jenkins. As the young woman begs for her help, Anne finds herself thrust into a world of deceit and secrets.


Who had the most to gain from Ralph’s death?


As the suspect list grows, Anne finds her desire for the simple life may have led her to something sinister instead.

A Backyard Farming Mystery

If you're a fan of curling up with a quick, readable mystery, then you'll love Chicken Culprit. And if other books in this new Backyard Farming series are as entertaining as this debut novel, they will prove to be utterly enjoyable. Be ready to immerse yourself in small town living, complete with a few wayward and badly behaved chickens! Lisa Steele, Founder of Fresh Eggs Daily and Author of Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens ...Naturally 

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