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You're finally taking that next step to becoming an author. Congratulations!

However, you may also be finding that there are so many moving parts it is becoming overwhelming. If only you had someone that could guide you, so you don't make any goofs as you begin your indie author journey. But first we need to assess where you are in your author journey.

Who are you and what do you need

  • Are you a writer just beginning your author journey?
  • Do you need some questions answered on how to move forward and dodge beginner potholes?
  • Do you feel there's too many moving parts?
  • Do you wish there was a DIY system or strategy you could use to make progress?
  • Are you a self-published author that's learning to navigate wide publication?
  • Do you have specific areas where you need help to move forward successfully?
  • Or are you looking for someone to be an accountability coach or to keep you on track?

If so, I can help. 

I am spinning my wheels with this thing...

Amanda D - author

If you are still willing to be my author coach I would like to hire you! I am spinning my wheels with this thing… just don’t know where to go from here. I like your suggestion about how to tidy up the beginning chapters. Your recommendation to get in touch with J.A. was so helpful. 

Are you spinning your wheels trying to understand all the moving parts? Check out this cheatsheet on the Top 25 Things to Consider when Self-Publishing your First Book.  

All things do not work for all authors.

Let me repeat that. All things do not work for all authors. What do I mean by that? It means that your decision to be in KU (Kindle Select) or not may be different than someone who chooses to go wide. Both have pros and cons. 

It’s your career and you have to focus on what’s the best road forward for you. Along the way, you’ll want those who have already traveled that path (aka me and/or other coaches/consultants) to give you directions and tell you about the struggles, potholes, and detours up ahead. Also, to help you avoid hybrid or vanity publishers.

Now if you’re looking for a person who will tell you how to write a book in a week, how to make six figures on your first book, or anything that isn't based in reality, I’m not that person. I wish you well as you move forward on your indie author journey. Conversely, some authors can write a book a week, realize six figures on their first book, etc. And certainly you want to have high expectations. Yet, you should keep your feet firmly planted on solid ground while reaching for those stars. 

That said, if you’re the sort of person who understands you most likely won’t be an over-night success, who wants a long-term author career, wants to find the best way to market for your budget and skills, and will put in the time learning and doing the work, then let’s set up a chat. You're going to hear and see a lot of differing advice as you navigate your author journey. But there's only one piece of advice that matters. What works for you. Because all things do not work for all authors. 





If you love a challenge, enjoy learning new tactics and digging in to achieve your goals, a DIY process may work for you. This tool is a system to help you plan, track, and find the resources you need.

Ready to get going and want the spreadsheet now? You can put it to use today.

If you have one book or a few books published and you need some insights on how to move forward and take your writing to the next level, you may only need a one-time consultation. This is open to anyone who is looking to publish their first book or wants to take their author career to the next level. A consult works best for those who need to focus on one specific area.

If you are writing or completing your first book, you may prefer a pathway to assist you in meeting your author goals. Or if you have a few books under your belt and need more help with marketing and promotion, coaching may be beneficial. Coaching is over six months (minimum) with ability to add on up to nine to twelve months. 
Items covered include, but not limited to: branding, target market, title/subtitle, categories and keywords, publishing strategy (KU or Wide), marketing strategy, and more. 

On your own time

One time consult

Monthly or weekly coaching

Beginning Indie Author

Spreadsheet only


Consultation call is followed by email with action steps and recommendations



*Includes spreadsheet

Follow up consultations


Cost dependent on how many sessions included and time frame involved.


Six sessions

1 (Strategy)
4 (Specific)

1 (Next Steps/Exit)

($360 monthly coaching

or $300 if paid in full up front)

*Includes spreadsheet

0 of 350
Option A
Option B

Strategies and Systems Spreadsheet

Do you wish you had something that could keep you on track that a) you don't have to spend hours learning, b) doesn't require a subscription plan, and 3) puts everything in one place?

Would you like a basic editable spreadsheet ready for you to simply plug in your information?

Do you wish there was a place to jot down your ideas so they don't get lost, have all your information handy so you can grab quickly, and a simple format that works for you and/or your virtual assistant?

 I've got you covered.

The SPDIY (Self-Publishing Do It Yourself) Spreadheet is a simple Excel spreadsheet specifically designed for authors to use. You can use as-is or take the information and plug it into your own preferred system.  Compiled of 18 separate worksheets, each worksheet is benefical for the beginning self-published author or even the experienced indie author who hasn't got the time to put together a format for keeping things on track. 

 Want to learn more? Click here to check it out!

Unlocking my full potential as a writer...

Cheryl D - author

I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I worked with Vikki. Unlocking my full potential as a writer was made possible by Vikki’s expertise. Through one-to-one coaching with personalized tips to move forward, Vikki’s process has given me the tools to be more efficient with my time so that I can focus on getting more writing done. I was able to streamline my writing, publishing, and marketing tasks using customized spreadsheets that are incredibly user-friendly. Thank you Vikki!


For general consults by phone or Zoom. These are best for focus on a specific area of publishing or marketing. This includes either a phone call or zoom call of approximately 30 minutes. As a bonus you will receive the SPDIY Excel spreadsheet with separate worksheets to use for your planning, strategies, and compiling of documentation about your books.  After the first consult, a follow-up email will be sent with action items. 

You offered both practical and down to earth support...

Liza M - Writer

Thanks so much Vikki. I found talking to you very helpful. You offered both practical and down to earth support and suggestions which helped me identify key information I was missing. Thank you for such a detailed and thoughtful response. I really appreciate that you took time to do this.

Interested in a possible consult? You can schedule a 10 minute free phone consult to ask questions. Get on my calendar or you can email me at vikki@vikkiwalton.com to set up a time for a consultation. 


Client coaching and specific author help depends on time required, involvement in the project, etc. These are charged on a project fee structure or through a monthly retainer. In order to ensure that coaching is right for you and that we're a good fit, contact vikki@vikkiwalton.com to inquire about coaching and to receive an author intake form. 

Speaking and Training 

I am also available to speak to your writer's group or various organizations. 

  • Zoom calls: Vary by price dependent on group. 
  • In-person events: Fee plus travel expenses (airfare and hotel). 

Training: creative writing, self-publishing for beginners, and Work Quilting. 

I've coached and trained individuals in technical and creative writing along with various lifestyle topics. I also believe in multiple income streams as an authorpreneur. Thus, I wrote the vocational guidance and lifestyle motivational book, Work Quilting.  When you are starting out in your writing career, knowing that you are moving forward on the right path for your life is critical for your success.